Artificial Limbs

How Artificial Limb Makes Life Easy after Amputation

Artificial limb is also called as Prosthesis. Few of us also know artificial limb as prosthetic limb. Artificial limb is a great substitute of natural limb and it offers normal living to people who have lost part of body due to mishap. People, who have lost their limbs due to accident or severe illness, during war, diabetes, and cancer or congenital, issue generally need of an artificial or prosthetic limb. Cosmesis limb is a cosmetic limb and it has very limited function or rather you can say it does not have any function. Artificial hand can be considered as the example of cosmesis. It is not that all prostheses are non-functional. There are various types of prostheses that are truly functional and are not in cosmetic designs.

Different Types of Prostheses

It is not that prostheses can be used only in case of arm or leg replacement. Any part of human body can be replaced with prosthesis. Whether someone is looking for replacement for ear or nose or finger or toe, he or she can depend on prosthesis. Let us see how many types of prostheses are there,

  • Prosthetic which is used below knee as lower leg and it is attached to the upper leg. It is known as transbial.
  • Prosthetic which is used for full leg replacement is known as transfemoral. It includes lower leg, upper leg and a prosthetic knee.
  • Prosthetic which is used as lower arm or forearm is also known as transradial.
  • Prosthesis which is used for full arm replacement is known as transhumeral. It includes a forearm, upper arm and prosthetic elbow.

Generally, prosthetic has different parts including the prosthetic limb, its socket, attachment device and the control structure or system. Prostheses are made on the basis of their works that they will play. Cosmetic or cosmesis hands are used to improve the appearances of patients. But, prosthetic legs are used as the substitute of real legs (after the amputation of human leg because of disease or accident or birth defect) and can bear the total body weight. Prostheses are made of lightweight but sturdy and long-lasting carbon fiber.

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